How to do a reverse image search?

Reverse Image Search:

What is Reverse Image Search:

Reverse image search is a Content-based image retrieval (CBIR) or query by image content (QBIC). In traditional search, the search engine will mainly focus on the keywords you have searched. When it comes to content-based image search, it focuses on the content of the image that you have searched.

There are tons of images on the internet. If you come across an interesting image and you unaware of the source of an image. Ever curious to know about that image? then Here you just need to do a Reverse Image Search.

What does Reverse Image Search do?

The reverse Image Search is a special type of a searching method where the query is an “image” & In traditional search query is “text”.

In this method, users need to upload an image or paste the image URL into the search engine as a query. the search engine will show you duplicate and similar images on the internet.

There is some existing search engine that is providing a reverse image search list out below.


Google is reputed and well know trending search engine. It provides you reverse image search function that means Content-based image retrieval (CBIR) for mobile phone and desktop versions in June 2011. You can search query by the image in three different ways. First, upload an image, paste the image URL into the search box and drag and drop image.

Google provides Google reverse image search into phone and desktops versions. To perform search go to Google Images and find the camera option in the search bar. If you click on this camera icon you will find the search by image and upload an image option. Google uses a powerful algorithm on various attributes such as size, color, etc.

google reverse image search


Bing is the second most used web search engine owned by Microsoft. Bing reverse image search is similar to google image search. Bing came up with its very individual reverse photo search tool entitled Bing Image Match. It allows us to either we can upload an image or paste the image source link else we can also perform drag and drop operation.

To perform reverse image search go to You’ll notice on the far right-hand side there’s a camera icon in the search bar. It allows to the user either can upload a picture or add it using the hyperlink or drag and drop image options for mobile and desktop versions.

Bing Reverse Image Search

Reverse Image Search:

The reverse Image Search tool is an easy image search service which is provided by Grammar Checker. It provides you to upload an image & paste image URL to perform a reverse image search. It is using a unique image identification technology offers free service to users. It would be a great tool to perform an image-based search for everyone and supports desktop and mobile devices. It provides you reverse search results from google, bing, and Yandex.

How to use it:

Follow the below steps to perform a search by image.

  1. Open Google Reverse Image Search.
  2. Choose an image file (JPEG, PNG) from your local storage.
  3. Click on the search image.
  4. Click on the search engine to search by image.

Benefits of Reverse Image Search:

  • To identify the original source of an image.
  • To find out the fake news on social media.
  • To find content creator on the web for link building.
  • To know the information about the image.

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